We can provide you with Engineers to setup and operate your system and ensure your event runs smoothly and we achieve the best possible quality. We have a large number of engineers who all have years of industry experience and hold various degree qualifications for studying the art of Video, Lighting, Sound engineering. For a full quote please contact us and tell us about your event.

Our prices start from:
Sound Engineer Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm £300
Sound Engineer Sat-Sun 8am – 6pm £330
Sound Engineer Evenings 6pm – 6am £370

Please contact us for a full quote!

Loading & Crew

We also provide loading crew for events where you have large amounts of equipment or poor access to venues. If you are unsure whether you need additional crew please contact us so we can discuss your event.

Our prices start from:

Crew Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm £150
Crew Sat-Sun 8am – 6pm £180
Crew 6pm – 6am £220

Strike Crew Sat-Sun 8am – 6pm £30 per hour
Strike Crew Evenings 6pm – 6am £35 per hour